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I should have realized then what was occurring, but I did not. I simply watched the sleek beast’s movements as she picked her way forward, passing about the periphery of the group.

She halted once again and lowered her head. Then she shook her mane and dropped to her front knees. The Jewel of Judgment hung suspended from her twisted, golden horn. The tip of her horn was almost touching the person before whom she knelt.

Suddenly, in my mind’s eye, I saw our father’s face in the heavens, and his words came back to me: “With my passing, the problem of the succession will be upon you. . . . I have no choice but to leave this on the horn of the Unicorn.”

A murmur moved through the group, as I realized this same thought must be occurring to the others. The Unicorn did not stir at this disturbance, however, but remained a soft, white statue, not even seeming to breathe.

Slowly, Random reached forward and removed the Jewel from her horn. His whisper, carried to me.

“Thank you,” he said.

Courts of Chaos

And so begins the Reign of King Random the first, anointed by the Unicorn to whom the task of Kingmaking had been lent by Oberon himself. On this fateful day, the family swears fealty to Random, for little doubt remains that he is the rightful King of Amber. Does the tale end here you ask? It seems a fitting place for an ending, but you would be wrong in thinking that. While several tales do end here, the great tale, the true saga of Amber stretches onward into the mists of uncertainty.

For truly, this is only the beginning.

Table of Contents

Volume 1: The Fall of Amber
Chapter 1 – A Warm Welcome
Chapter 2 – Mystery Trumps
Chapter 3 – A Blood Drenched Eve
Chapter 4 – Trapped
Chapter 5 – Doomed
Chapter 6 – A Disease and a Curse
Chapter 7 – A Change of Scenery
Chapter 8 – Resurrection

Volume 2: Adepts of Doom
Chapter 1 – The New King
Chapter 2 – The Great Spire
Chapter 3 – We’re here to Rescue You!
Chapter 4 – The Black Cathedral
Chapter 5 – Uninvited Guests (The Nethermore Storm)
Chapter 6 – Gambit

Tears of the Lost

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