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“Don’t ever believe things will stay the same. In a single night, all that I had built burned to ash, and the taste in my mouth was vengeance.”

Bio: Zythanimaerias lived for centuries and most of it was out in shadow. He never had the great love of Amber that many other Amberites shared, though this stemmed mostly from their being a king there. While he made friends in a few shadows, he often found brooding alone in towers or splattering paint against a canvas his favorite past-times. A proud proclaimer of Wolf and Crow, two gods that he said would someday sweep over and destroy all of shadow, his words soon proved to be true; much to his own surprise. In the following days he tried to rid Shadow of Wolf, but in the end even with the help of nearly all the Princes of Amber, she could not be defeated. Lamenting for all of shadow and the loss of everything he loved, Zythanimaerias gave into despair and allowed the goading of his Uncle Cain to sweep him down into the depths of an abyss. There he freefalls, reminiscing of days gone by and weeping for the death of all Shadow to come.
Description: Zythanimaerias is tall and skinny, with short white hair that shadows his left eye when brooding. A scar runs across the middle of his nose and a runic design is above his right eyebrow, another of the same style on corner of his right eye. His mouth is often hidden from view by his tattered endclothing.
Heraldry: Light black. Crow at the bottom left looking upwards. Wolf on top right, claws out and fangs bared, headed for crow. In the middle are two moons, one white and another blue.
Colors: Red and black.
Theme Song: Iwasaki Tarou – Rap wa Kan no Tamashii da! Muri wo Toushite Douri wo Kettobasu! Ore Tachi dai Gurren Dan no Theme wo Mimi no Ana Kappo Jitte yo.
Frequented Shadows: Narginath, Grikgrack, Massift, Forin.
Likes: Wolves, crows, gangs, rebels, painting, women, brooding.
Dislikes: Authority.
Zythanimaerias’ Journal
Trump Deck:

  • Yazmine – Description to come.


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