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Trump (25 Points)

Trump is a power based upon objects known as trump cards. These trump cards have an image upon them and when focused upon allows a connection to be made even if the users are in different shadows. It’s commonly believed that trump is based upon Pattern. The primary supply of trumps was the mysterious Dworkin, who in ages past would present a deck of trumps of the family after an Amberite walked the pattern.

Trump Powers

Create Trumps
While people without the trump ability can activate and use trumps, only those with the power can create them. Creating them is done by various forms of physical artwork, connecting the artwork to the person the creator desires. It is very difficult to do a trump without the subject present.

Improved Trumps
Trump artists are able to identify incoming trumps, as long as they are familiar with the initiator. At the same time trump artists have an easier time trumping long distances and resisting trump.


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