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Lush is not a strong enough word to describe the opulence of both the lady and her surroundings. What she was wearing alone could have beggered a lord of a minor house, and the abandon with which she took to food, drink, smoke, and sex…. it still astonishes me to think of it. At her insistance I shared her bed for a brief moment before she moved on to other things, and I admit, the experience was amazing. There are rumors of every kind of perversion about this lady, and while I no longer doubt them, they do not so much make me dislike her either.

Still I pity her a bit. There was no joy in the time I spent with her, only fierce passion and frenzied pleasure. Looking into her eyes I beheld a great emptyness inside her, one I doubt she will ever fill.
Adrigal the Wanderer: The Tomb that is Rhial

Highlady Tialeale takes decadence to an extreme. There are many courtiers like her in Rhial, indeed, she sets the tone somewhat for the House. The mad and melancholy ways of Zemetel and Duessand are not exactly inspiring of imitation. She insists on nothing but the finest foods, drugs, smokes, wines, and clothes. She is always after new experiences, and as old as she is, they must be strange experiences indeed to titillate her now.

The treasury of Rhial is vast and well stocked, but it remains to be seen how long it can withstand the Highlady’s assault.


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