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Pattern Sorcery

Pattern sorcerer’s are good at Communication, followed by transportation, so there spells should rely on those. Some examples of pattern sorcery.

Communication Spells

This spell uses communication to change the way something appears. This can be used to disguise things, or hide something.

Scrying can be done in multiple ways, one of the most common is to simply send ones “vision” forward, generally manifesting in something such as a mystical bird or a floating eye, to see what lies over yonder. This is a communication spell.

Communication can be used to attempt to make someone feel something. Some common feeling spells are, Fear, Pain and sleep.


Change the location of a physical object. This is often the basis to transportation spells, relocating a boulder to above a target. Removing a door from an obstacle.

The direction and speed of an item can also be changed. This can be used to cause objects to fly across a room, levitate things or even fly.


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