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Sorcery (20 Points)

Sorcery is the ability to use your will to effect reality through the use of spells and rituals. All sorcerers bind there abilities to some sort of power, such as the Pattern, Logrus or Trump.

Casting Spells
Spells are cast through a series of hand motions and incantations and occasionally the utilization of objects. Each sorcerer has a somewhat different style and understanding of sorcery, so methods vary greatly. Most spells are not quick to cast, sometimes taking as much as hours to cast depending on the amount of power required and the complexity of the spell.

Hanging Spells
Due to the long amount of time to cast a spell, it is often unworkable to cast a spell on the dime, so sorcerers are able to “hang” spells by casting them in advance and leaving out a few key words known as lynchpins. These lynchpins when spoken activate the spell, the more complicated or powerful the spell the more lynchpins it requires. It is possible through repeated use and study to optimize spells lowering the lynchpin requirement.

Shorthand Magic
It is possible to work with pure power rather than spells, though it is extremely tiring and not capable of complex acts. Opening doors, levitation and energy attacks are all this sort of magic. Character’s using this should be very cautious.

Magic Types
Magic can be loosely categorized into five types of spells. Various power sources are usually better at various types of spells, for example pattern is best at Information Magic and worst at Creation/Destruction.

  • Communication scrying, communication, detection
  • Transportation translocation, shadow-walking
  • Alteration rearranging the components of one thing
  • Transformation turning one thing into another thing
  • Creation/Destruction something into nothing, or vice versa

Magic is generally not subtle, and will have visual effects. For example a scrying spell may be a floating eye, or a face in reflections.

Dabbler (10 Points)

A dabbler may cast spells off of a power source, however they may not hang spells or use shorthand magic. Dabbler can also be used to buy shadow specific magic and make it more viable outside of that shadow (though it will never be a true power. IE if a person learned a very specific sorcery in a shadow and wanted to be able to use it a bit more widely. This should be negotiated with the GM who is the final arbiter.


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