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“My goodness Lady Sophia, you look so…human.”

“Thank you Sarlona. I’ve been working on perfecting it for sometime now. I think I’ve got it mostly right although I still have to work a bit a bit on the eyes, they are a bit too vibrant. The ears still need a bit of work too, but they are closer, and I think I’ve finally gotten the right sized nose for this face.”

“Forgive me for asking, but why-ever would you want to look so…strange? And why would you want to put yourself in a form that is so limiting?”

“High Lord Bleys has…suggested that I accompany the Chaos delegation to Amber. The one led by House Chanicut. I’m not to be a member of the delegation, but merely travel with them. He said he thought I would find it interesting. He said, ‘Go have fun, meet some people.’ I’m not quite sure what he has in mind.”

“Do you think…I mean…Is it possible…that the rumors are…true?”

“That would be an interesting twist wouldn’t it? I’m not sure. I haven’t given it much thought…”

- A conversation between Ladies Sophia and Sarlona of House Helibore


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