Session 2

Entry IV
So we just got here, and now they want us to leave and go find some Amberite girl who they say is in trouble. Frankly it sounds a bit strange to me as they said the last time they saw her she was walking The Pattern, she got to the middle, and then she disappeared. Maybe I misunderstood High Lord Bleys when I asked about The Pattern, but I thought that was what is supposed to happen when one got to the end of it. Now if she had disappeared while in the middle of walking it, I think that would be cause for alarm.

Entry V
There are some odd things going on with trump, or at least Coral’s trump. Weird time distortions and out of body experiences…this is worth some investigation.

Entry VI
Well we rescued her. Apparently she was stuck in an Abyssal Well. I’m glad I did not follow the others and go in. I’m not sure what side effects there will be, but it will be interesting to observe them and see what happens.
Somehow we ended up at one of the High Lady’s wild parties in House Rhiall. Haven’t been to one of those in a long time, which is probably a good thing. I had forgotten how much those parties fuck you up…

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Session 2

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