Session 1

Entry I
Finally, we are here. After months of tedious travel and listening to companions bicker and behave like sullen and spiteful children we have finally arrived at the other end of the universe. The road was long and treacherous, traversing shadow after shadow, never knowing what to expect around the next corner. Upon the road I have built up impressions in my mind of what our destination will be like, I hope that it exceeds my expectations.

Entry II
An odd place this…Amber. Everything seems so orderly and tidy, sitting in its proper place. All the people perfectly put together their smooth white teeth gleaming in their welcoming smiles.
Upon closer inspection however, the smiles do not seem terribly genuine, their rounded teeth clenched perhaps a shade too tightly and the ivory skin around their eyes drawn taut. Their seemingly sincere welcome turns strange as we are told to remain in the room known as the Great Hall while High Lord Jenroh meets with the King. Merlin of course, chafes at the restriction and ignores their wishes and rushes to walk their Pattern. I preferred to wait and see what these Amberites had in mind, which was apparently some friendly entertainment before dinner.

Entry III
Well, now I feel more at home…Nothing like an assassination attempt during dinner. I have to say, these Amberites move quickly, I wasn’t anticipating an attempt on the first night. Silly me. I would have thought they would have at least waited until the second night, based on the standard rules of hospitality. Perhaps these Amberites are even more barbaric than some of my relatives. Who would have thought?
I am glad that I avoided bodily damage unlike the unfortunate delegation member from House Sawall because I’ve made some plans for the evening that I hope will prove to be enlightening as well as entertaining.
King Random of Amber seemed honestly surprised at the attempt, so he is either (1)a very good card player, or (2)someone in his court is sneaking around behind his back. I do hope it’s the latter as that would be much more interesting. Either way, I will have to remember to stay on my toes in the coming days…

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Session 1

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