Session 13

Entry XXV
I was at breakfast with everyone when all of the Chaosians at the table, myself included, were mentally dominated. They took control of my Logrus abilities and sent my tendril deep into Chaos…into the Logrus itself. I could feel myself growing mad and my energy being sucked out of me like a vaccum. I couldn’t move, couldn’t regain control, my head was pounding. The only thing I could think to do was trump someone, so I consentrated on Bleys and was able to communicate something, although I’m not sure exactly what I said, before I passed out.

Entry XXVI
I performed a trump scrying and obtained some very intriguing readings:

  • That which represents me is Dierdre – captivity or death…well shit, I’m going to have to figure that one out quickly.
  • That which is the outcome is Coral – impulsive action will be necessary.
  • That which hounds me is Zyth – He is either the cause or has directly influenced the problems…go figure.
  • That which inspires or comforts me is Brand – could this mean rebirth? Or maybe Werewindle or the Jewel will help.
  • That which seeks to manipulate is Gilva – there must be some military presence that is forcing things.
  • And that which is the pivot is Yazmin – which most likely means two things: (1) there is not enough information available currently, or (2) a sudden and direct surgical strike is the next step.

I think it likely that a military action is not as important at the moment, but some sort of mystic action must be taken and soon.

I have never seen such a storm. I mean, I’ve grown up in Chaos and we have some pretty crazy storms there, but nothing like this. Myrrdin decided to watch the storm from one of the guard towers, which was an interesting choice I thought. Most of us watched from the security of the council chamber. Roland and I stood looking out a south-facing window and the storm arrived and then swept around us.
We were contemplating the potential duration of the storm when Wren burst into the room with dire warnings of demonic storm riders. We immediately began trumping the others to warn them when the very same beasts crashed through the windows of the tower. Braced on all fours they shook the shattered glass from their furry, scaly coat as a bone-chilling sound rumbled from their throats.
The giant beasts charged in my direction, but thankfully my comrades jumped in to distract them. Roland drew his blade and bravely stepped in front of me. Never had he looked so handsome to me as he did in that moment.
Thus insued a very intense battle which we eventually won, though not before it became obvious that these storm riders had it in for me. I must find out why, who sent them, what is it they want?

Session 13

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