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Human Rank (+25 Points)
If you sell a rank down to human rank, you get 25 additional points, however you are saying that you have no more ability at this attribute than a shopkeeper at the local grocery. Basically anyone with training or talent will defeat you in this area. You can’t run for very long, you’re no good with weapons, you can’t fight very well for you are not strong, and your mind is just waiting to be whipped into pudding.

Chaos Rank (+10 Points)
Chaos rank implies significant training or talent. Someone with chaos rank warfare has gone through military training and is likely a veteran. A person with chaos rank strength is fit, athletic and talented at brawling.

Amber Rank
Amber rank is not only highly trained, but a natural talent as well. A martial artist likely has an amber rank strength, a court wizard might have an amber rank psyche.

Shadow People and Ranks
The vast majority of shadow people have less than Amber rank. There are exceptions, people who are beyond exceptional, heroes even.


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