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Pattern (30 Points)

Pattern is the power of the Lords of Amber. The pattern is literally that, a pattern inscribed upon the floor deep within Mount Kolvir. To gain the power of the Pattern one must walk it, starting from the beginning and continuing on to the center. Stepping off of the Pattern while doing this will end in death. The pattern also kills those who are not of the blood of Amber. If a character is able to withstand walking the pattern, when they reach the center they will have the pattern imprint, and be granted passage to any location they so desire. Amberites believe that the pattern is the center of all things, and that everything else is a reflection of Amber through the power of the pattern.

Pattern Powers

Shadow Walking
Amberites have the ability to walk through shadow, traveling the myriad of shadows cast by Amber. They do this by making minor changes as they travel, they round a bend and the sky changes tint somewhat. By doing these gradual changes they are able to find basically whatever they desire over time.

Hell Riding
Sometimes Amberites need to get somewhere fast, rather than merely walking through shadow they mount up and travel at full speed through shadow, making changes that lend themselves to low visibility and rapid changes. While Hellriding the areas you go through are often dangerous and unpredictable, and it is not something to do lightly. It requires a sturdy mount and much courage to hell ride any significant distance.

Shadow Manipulation
Amberites are able to conduct small changes upon the shadows they are in. They can decrease or increase the probability of events. They can make changes to items, for example changing there clothing to suit the shadow. They can also make slightly more significant changes such as repairing the effects of a brawl in a foyer. These changes are all small and local, and the less shadow appropriate they are, the harder to accomplish.

Follow Shadow Path
Amberites can also follow shadow paths forged by other beings that travel through shadow. This allows Amberites to follow other amberites, though the trails do fade quickly and require a fair bit of effort to follow anything but recent paths.

Blood Curse
All Amberites have access to the Blood Curse, which they generally during their final breaths. The Blood Curse lays a great doom upon the target, causing great havoc and strife.


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