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“I lived upon the dark world of Narginath for decades. Here one can learn to survive through trauma and what it means to be part of a pack. A single piece of a greater whole. I was an Alpha here once, but no more. My pack is dead, food for Crow.”
The Wanderings of Zythanimaerias

Planet shape: Round
Amber Relevant Time: ???
Tech Level: Medium level. Basic pistols and the like, no computers.
Magic: Medium.

Narginath is a world of eternal night. While there are two large moons in the skies at all times, the sun has never been seen in the world since times forgotten. Still, plant life, trees, and other such things flourish under the light of the moon. Humans and other similar creatures live their lives without any detriment for lack of sunlight. Because that’s how Crow and Wolf want it.

Crow and Wolf are powerful creatures, possibly of shadow, possibly real. No one knows where they came from, except that they have not always lived in Narginath. They can break and shape the reality of Narginath to the way they desire. Wolf cast the world into eternal night, and Crow claimed the souls of the dead. While at first the inhabitants of Narginath rebelled against the two, so much time has passed with the two in control of the world, everyone now views them as gods of their world. There are, of course, a few groups of religious zealouts who deny Crow and Wolf, but their followers are few, and none stay in one place for very long.

No one is sure what Crow and Wolf really want of them, and most people are glad enough if they never see the dreadful beasts. While others worship Crow and Wolf, or one or the other. The humans have established their own religious order, but it’s grown about as much as their opposites.

Spread throughout the world, there are few cities in all of Narginath, most people are wandering tribes, moving where food and shelter can be gained, and at times, warring with each other. There are only two large cities in Narginath, the city of crow and the city of wolf.

The city of crow is focused mostly around death and the afterlife. There are many graveyards scattered throughout the city, and it is often a final pilgrimage of ones life is to go there and die. No one is sure how the city began, but no one stays there for long. At least, not alive anyway.

The city of wolf is focused around the hunt and devouring those that are weak. Many gangs have formed up, human and animal alike, each trying to control different areas of the city. Rumors say, that if one gang can rise up and control the entire city openly, that Wolf will appear and grant them immortality.

Most of the animals of Narginath are intelligent and larger than those found in ordinary shadow.


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