Nalath's Journal

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Session 4 – Fragments and Apologies

Placed on her bedside table by the maid that opens the windows and airs things out in the morning. The flower lies neatly on a strip of dark green leaf, and a note sits next to it.

I feel that I was somewhat responsible in you having a very bad day. So I thought I’d do what I could to give you a day that might be a little better. – N

Nestled lightly in Coral’s wardrobe, the pale flower is almost luminescent in the darkness, standing out on the dark fabric of a dress. A brief note accompanies it, on a scrap of equally white parchment.

I have no idea what most of these are called, I chose the ones that pleased me, and hopefully some of them will please you too.

At breakfast one of the dishes brought is a small bowl of water with the pale purple flower nestled on it. This one comes with a note.

I think this should be a regular thing at breakfast. These flowers are quite nice, it’d be something to pick up one’s spirits in the grim situation that is early morning.

Putting her riding gloves away after a brief patrol outside the city, Coral sees a flower sitting on the shelf, seemingly out of nowhere. A note is there on a small strip of paper that’s curled like a ribbon.

A garden ransacked of its fairest bloom,
A heaven denuded of its chiefest star,
Is life without thee.

The gentle, partly curled flower comes to Coral’s hand as she dresses for a formal dinner with Martin and Fiona, and other family. It sat among a set of pretty ribbons and lace, blending in to the gentle pastel colors until it was reached for. There’s no note, but the flower was very fragrant and imparted a delightful perfume to the ribbons.

Turning in for the evening, a single rose is tucked into her pillows. A note accompanies it, and then strewn artistically across the covers are rose petals.

The perfume hidden at the rose’s heart is like a dream of a lady, who’s smile is a benediction from the gods and who’s frown causes storms to brew on the horizon.

Today was better perhaps, you will let me know, no doubt. I look forward to when next I see you, for I at least enjoyed setting up a multitude of little surprises. If it amuses you, bring your favorite flower from today and wear it in your hair next time we meet. Or perhaps we can converse about the weather, and you can tell me if I should expect benedictions or storms.

- Nalath: The Admirer of a Wonderful Lady, and Man with Exactly the Right Amount of Time on His Hands.

Session 3 – End of Preludes

Being a letter to the the Lady Coral of Amber, delivered to her hand while she napped in our impromptu fortress in the King’s Sitting Room

Dear Lady Coral,

As a gentleman, I feel it is my duty to inform you (though you doubtless already know) that you have an excellent bottom. It is shapely and round without being overly soft, athletic and trim without being small and plain. I find my eye drawn to it whenever I look at you, which I confess is often. That is not to say that your other features are lackluster, for that is certainly not the case.

Your eyes are a delightful green color that reminds me of a certain small flower that grows deep in the caverns that surround my Ways, sustained only by magical light. Your nose is well-shaped and all the finer for being so naturally, rather than by your choice. Your lips are pert and full, and your breasts delightfully invite further consideration.

Indeed, your personal qualities are impressive as well. Before only a few days ago, you belonged to an entirely different, much smaller world. You find yourself athwart a dragon, buffeted from all sides by strangeness, violence, and alien concepts. Yet, you handle yourself with the seasoned calm of a centuries old player of this game. It is, to use an overused word, remarkable.

Perhaps though, you are shocked by the turn this letter has taken. It has become intensely, perhaps one would say scandalously personal. Therefore we shall return the letter to its more polite, original topic, which is to say your bottom. I have enumerated its charms but not yet said that it delights me if you be wearing trousers or skirts alike. It is perfect in aspect without becoming dull from being overly-idealized.

It is, with the rest of you, a wonder that if I have my way, shall be entered in a list of wonders that is somewhere graven in a great stone to the depth of a man’s arm. In short, (too late for that, but here we are), this letter is to inform you that you are pleasing to the eye, the ear, the nose, the mind, and even the secret sixth-and-more-senses of which sorcerers make much but ultimately matter little.

     Yours in good fun, and a little seriousness,
     Nalath (of Rhial and many other titles that the writer feels he can dispense with at this time because of how tacky it is to have some long chain of text following one’s given name.)

Nalath's Journal

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