Myrrdin's Journal

Session five
I almost killed Zithy today. I don’t mean that I just wanted to, I mean that I had a bow in my hand and was a hairs breath away from drawing and shooting him in the neck. He started acting like he had been hit in the head and the his eyes started bleeding. The blood was acting very strange and was crawling on the ground seeking out people. I was on one of the filmys so it was not going to be able to get me. But it was on Corel’s arm. I used Logris to wipe it off her arm and shortly after my Logris came in contact with it I started to feel sick and then MY eyes started to bleed too!! Zith had INFECTED me with his nasty disease. I do not want to be like him, I do not want to suffer under the same insanity that he suffers from. He has infected me with some horrible blood STUFF!! At that moment I just wanted to kill him, maybe if I was to kill him it would go away. He is the source it might just be banished is he was to die. But I was able to rein in my anger and revulsion and stay my hand. For now, I will think on this and I still might kill him but I don’t know how that will go over with the other Amberites. Father wanted me to help them and to get alone. Killing one of there members right in front of them like that likely would not have helped, although it might not have been viewed as such a bad thing.

When we got to the circle we were riding to I learned the hard way that you must be standing to get included in the transfer. And since I was sitting on the filmy I was left behind. For some reason they do not work if you are sitting on a Chaos inspired flying carpet. And of course I was the only one that was left behind, and of course there was a small mass of monsters waiting in the mist. When they slunk out of the mist I just flew high and waited for them to leave, when they did I started down to try the transfer again and just then Zith of all people and Wren came back thru apparently to look for me and before I was able to get to the ground they were attacked. I was not worried about Zith as much and went to the aid of Wren. They fight was long and frantic at two separate points both myself and Wren were nearly drug off into the mist. We were vastly out numbered but my armor one again was very helpful and with Zith triggering the circle we managed to fight them off just enough to scramble back to the circle the exact same second that the transport went off and we were snatched out of there. That was a very hard scrabble fight that left me shaking for several minuets after. I also lost my filmy in that fight so for now im on foot.

The other end of the circle was in a town that had been sacked and every living thing had been spiked. It was a rather strenuously worked example of someone hatred and brutality. We had just made it out side the town and we could see a short way in the distance a farm house being attacked by a swarm of harpies and two flying Nephilim. They were playing some game involving tossing a small boy aback and forth while his mother cried out from the ground. We decided that we could not let this go on and attacked. Little page Alvin charged in on his horse despite my attempts to stop him on foot. The only thing that I was left to do was to engrave the harpies with my bow to draw their attention onto me in the hopes that they would leave him alone. This worked very very well, the whole horde turned on me and I thought I was going to be made to fight them all alone. I was surprised to see that Ezekial step up to stand next to me with a large rock to do battle with them. He fought well and hard but was gravely wounded thru the side with one of their swooping spear attacks. I still am not sure why I did it, maybe because he stepped up to fight by my side when no one else would. But when I saw them throw a volley of spears at him while he clutched the spear in him on his knees I reacted. With out even pausing to think about it I launched myself in front of all five of the spears. Now granted I had my full plate armor while he had not a single ring of even the most basic chain on, so it was not as suicidal as it sounds but still it was not a fun thing to do. I might not have had time to think before I made my leap but let me tell you I had plenty of time to think as I hung in the air. Everything slowed down and I was able to see the light glinting off the spear heads of a couple of them as the twisted in to seek my flesh.

As the astute reader might guess because I am able to write about this I survived but rest assured that I will not forget how my armor rang that day.

Session Four
It would seam that despite me marked lack of activity fighting gloom I pushed my body just a bit too far and after the fight fell into a comatous sleep from which I was unable to be woken. When I came to it was just in time to participate in some complicated trump thing that did in the end work and got me back home to Chous.
Not quite home, I was in House Rhial with Nalith. While we talked Highlord Zemetel entered. He is one of those crazy ones that are just to strong to remove, I had to play this very carefully.
In retrospect it seams that I might not have done so well being careful. I left House Rhial with the feeling of cold hands still clutching my thought from his shadow. His shadow of all things!
I was not in my House before I was summoned before father as made to report. He was not totally happy with me but at least he did not attack me.
You would think that after sleeping for as long as I had earlier that day that I would be good for a while but shortly after I made my report I went for a soak in a hot bath and fell asleep.
When I awoke the next morning I was not as surprised to find myself in bed but it was shocking to find my self in my bed in Amber. It seamed that all the others had the same thing happed to them when they went to sleep.
But Julian had been busy while we were gone, and he felt that he had a way to remove the barrier. That morning we made our way out and he was able to bring it crashing down. And I do mean crashing down. The city was mostly flattened under the falling shell. I had mixed feeling about seeing this happen.
When we made our way out we met some large people. They stood about 12’ to 18’ tall and called them selves “Storm Giants.” They were a friendly race and in talking to them we could not help but notice a number of parallels between their world and ours. Including a dual magic that counter balanced each other. It seams that they were users of the magic that was parallel to our pattern and that they were running from a race that wielded a magic similar to Chaos. I would really like to see that.
The only other surprise was that it seams that Dierdre might be here. One of the people that we talked to said he was her son!
This might get interesting.

Session Three
Damn that vile monster thing on the stairs!! I can barely stand, let alone, fight. Something as simple as kicking down a door and carrying a wounded person I have to pawn off on guards now!

I can not fight! I can hobble with a crutch like some toothless invalid! And the guards and servants are starting to feel free to comment on this to my face! I think I might just have to start killing a couple. Maybe the next one that feels that they can say something to me I will just kill. I will show them how strong my sword arm remains! And to the pits of Abyss with what their “king” might have to say!!

I need to get this leg better, that’s just that. When we were battling Gloom I had to hand off my weapon to be used by Sophia. I don’t think I could live with my self if it had been any of these Amberites.

I might be of an unsound body right now, but at least my mind is still sound and hale. This, Zith I think his name is, I think moths most have gotten inside his head and built a nest. I know that we have some like that, but they have power and would be dangerous to remove. Every day when I wake and find that the Amberites have rid them selves of him presence is a surprise to me. It shames me to the core to know that we lose to the likes of him.

*Session Two *
There were reports of some werewolves prowling the near by woods and the idea was brokered that since we had quite clearly been left to have our own fun that perhaps we should go take a look at these werewolves. As long as they are not 12 feet tall like they are back home they should be no problem.
But when on of the Amberite named Wren failed to show up at the stables at the appointed time a search was made and she as found in her room holding a trump but unconscious. As soon as we removed the card she came to and said that she had been talking with Coral who had been missing for some time. With another’s help, Nalith, they were able to make contact but she disappeared after some time and after waiting even longer Nalith came back and said that Coral was help prisoner but he was not sure what had happened to Wren. He was able to talk to her to some bit thru trump but she was now also held prisoner.
Zith and Ezekial decided that they were going to follow the same route that Wren had apparently taken. And then they were going to try and trump us in.
It was some time after Zith disappeared that we did get a trump, but the time went past for me quickly. I was wrestling with the concept of supporting an Amber attack on Chaos. Other then stabbing me what have they done for me? In the end it was mostly that the other Chaosians where going I did not want to be the only Chaosian on the Amber side on the universe.
I was trumped into a round stone chamber that had a black bubbling mass in a sunken pool at the center. Even as we came in a green light started to flash from the bursting bubbles and to shine up from under the formerly black mass. When we headed for the stairs -————- stepped out and demanded, rightly, to know what we were doing in his ways. With some fancy words from Nalith he let us by to get our friends?!
As we mounted the stairs and left him behind to deal with his seemingly corrupted black/green pool. We were still climbing the stairs when we all heard a loud chanting and an even louder beastly roar. I could not stifle the curiosity inside me and stopped and turned to look down.
Of the next few minuets or perhaps hours like they seamed I can not say much. I have been in my fare share of fights and battles but this was one of the more frantic fights I have had in some time. It was on us before we could turn and run and fighting in the confined stairs was a challenge. We aimed for the eyes and I do remember diving to get the hit. The next thing I knew I was face down on the floor or the ceiling I don’t know which. And then it had my leg! In a desperate attempt to get free I removed my armor so that for a fraction of a second I would have room to slide it out. Well it worked. I would not recommend it unless you really like pain. Then I remember it charging and I was wedged into the corner on the stairs trying protect my head. I’m not sure how I would have gotten out of that but Nalith trumped me and he had gotten out to somewhere.
It was a shock going from almost dieing to lounging by a pool surrounded by naked women. Thankfully there was plenty of drugs that could help deal with the pain till we got back to Amber.
We got back to Amber in the early morning and we all crashed in bed. Just a couple minuets later there was a knocking on the door. Sofia had brought some of Neolith’s hang over drink. It did its work and in a couple minuets I felt human. She also brought new that Zith was up to something and wanted to meet in the Great Hall.
Zith said that we were going to go look for Ezeckail’s father. And that he had a trump that would take us there. After some confusion he took us to a shadow that had a huge army surrounded by some metal men. It did not look good, but it was not till after the battle that we did not find out that Zith had tricked us and that it was his father that he had been rescuing.
As I did not take any wounds in this fight and as I really don’t want to have to kill him I choose to view this as a big joke. But I will have you be careful with him in the future.
I think it is his lucky day.

Session One
I have been stabbed in my own House of course, but it follows reason that in someone else’s house they would work very diligently to protect visitors even if they hate their guts. Even if that is just so they don’t get blamed. But they some how “failed” to protect us at our welcome dinner! I was stabbed at the welcome dinner! There is only one house here, who do they think the blame would fall on?
And to make matters worse when one of the attackers was thrown to the ground and was about to be captured, Cain threw a knife into his neck “saving” me, and killing the guy. But now the guy that we were about to grab to have a nice little friendly talk to was conveniently dead.
So here I am sitting on the ground bleeding and they have no one to blame. And then they kill the one guy who I know I could have gotten to talk right in in front of me? This will really tint out dealing from this point on.
Then almost as a mockery Cain offers his personal surgeon to tend to me as if he was doing me a favor by allowing me the use of him. He is lucky that I did not demand reparations. I wonder if I could have demanded and gotten the right to cut off a finger of his. My choice of course. But I think they might have had a bit of a problem with that. They have no sense of honor here.
And as if there were not enough angles on this, and here I was thinking that it would be nice to get away from the constant infighting, the new guy Ezekial came to my room to say he was sorry for not reacting sooner when he saw the guy at my back with a knife. But from what I remember instead of acting he tried to engage me in conversation as if he was trying to distract me. I will have to be very careful here, even more so then I would at home.
In their own House?! Have they no honor?!

Myrrdin's Journal

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