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It is hard to tell how such a civilization came to exist, and the properties that move the ships about is a mystery even to the occupants. It has always been such, according to them, and nothing should be changed, lest the world fall upside down. I have never been able to make many friends in this shadow, but it is still breathtaking to ride in a ship to the edge of a lake that doesn’t spill to the ground, find myself falling downwards through the air, only to splash into another great body of water. The blimp rides are less thrilling, though I’ve always felt a strange presence while inside of them, leading me to believe that its possible the blimps are a living organism, or being controlled by a higher power.

I have set foot on the surface of Massift once, in secret from the inhabitants of the world, and found strange energies and begins of rock and cloud wandering in the dark places, most of them hostile towards me. I wonder if it is these that keep the Massiftians from inhabiting the ground, or if there is some other reason. So far, no one will talk to me enough about it, so I will go on wondering, and picking out enjoyable places to sit atop sky rending plateaus and let the wind blow my hair and clothing.
The Wanderings of Zythanimaerias

Planet shape: Round
Amber Relevant Time: ???
Tech Level: Medievil
Magic: Common
Picture: Massift

The world of Massift is full of endless plateaus and vast stretches of empty terrain. Physics in this world seem to operate differently from the norm, and it is not always necessary for one to jump in order to make the ground leave your feet. An alien mix of culture, there seem to be a few more dominant groups, those that sail the world on the water and those in the air.

Massift does not actually have a sea, but rather, built upon multiple plateaus throughout the shadow are lakes and pools. Sailing upon one with a ship will invariably take you to the other, and it is a rapid form of transit. Of course, it is possible for these things to dry up and leave a ship stranded, perhaps forever, in one place.

Then there are those that sail the air in great blimps with long ropes dangling down, almost like tentacles. They will attach themselves to structures located only on plateaus, for building upon the ground is a great taboo and strictly forbidden. Once attached, the occupants of the blimp disembark. As soon as the last one leaves, the blimp sails off and disappears, reappearing near another plateau with people to pick up.


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