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Logrus (30 Points)

Logrus is a power of change and chaos. The center of the power, is a great warren of constantly changing tunnels, to acquire the power one must follow maddening sounds through the twisting tunnels to the very center. It is a difficult and arduous journey which many fail.

Logrus Abilities

Sign of the Logrus
The first step to doing anything with the Logrus is to summon the sign of the Logrus. The user moves their arms, mimicking the changing patterns of the Logrus until the sign appears before them. The sign is visible only to them. Once it is summoned the user no longer needs to move their arms.

Logrus Sight
When looking through the Sign of the Logrus user is able to perceive various powers. This can manifest in a variety of different and often unpredictable ways but is always useful.

Logrus Extensions
A logrus initiate may place his hands within the Sign of the Logrus, and then extend one of the lines from the sign to manipulate objects. This is done using the users strength which can be augmented by the users psyche for short periods of time. The extension is difficult to control, especially for very delicate work as it is constantly moving.

Shadow Extensions
The Logrus user may send extensions through shadow, searching for items or persons and pulling them through shadow to the user. Logrus users may also move through shadow by use of this method, locating a shadow with a tendril and pulling that shadow to their location. (Imagine two ends of a blanket, the blanket is folded until the two ends meet at the same location. And then unfolded again)


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