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Somewhere out in shadow between Amber and Chaos lies Ironwood, an island in the midst of a stormy red sea surrounded by treacherous reefs. Covering the majority of the shoreline are defensible cliffs of brown craggy stone and large gnarled trees made of Iron. On the southern side of the island the cliffs taper down to a rocky shore with a harbor. Three large moons rise in the fading rose-colored sky as the blazing blue sun disappears beyond the horizon.

Upon the island sits a grand fortress of black marble shot through with veins of white and gold. Three towers rise above the fortress and atop each a large flag blows in a warm westerly wind. A golden unicorn on a green background, a red serpent on black, and a black tree upon white.

The Council of Ironwood:

  • Mission of the Council: Fostering cooperation between Amber and Chaos and to establish diplomatic channels.
  • Current Council Members:
    • Admiral of the Fleet: Lady Wren of Amber
    • Captain of the Guard: Lady Gilva of House Hendrake
    • Mistress of Shadows: Lady Yasmin of Amber
    • Mistress of the Tower: Lady Sophia of House Helibore
    • Speaker of Amber: Prince Roland of Amber
    • Speaker of Chaos: Lord Nalath of House Rhiall
  • Honorary Council Members:
    • Lord Myrrdin of House Sawall
  • Council Goals:
    • Long-term:
      • Establish a strong military presence in Ironwood with the capability of assisting Amber or Chaos if in need.
    • Short-term:
      • Issue diplomatic statements to both Chaos and the Golden Circle Kingdoms regarding Ironwood’s stance on the Kingship in Amber – composed by the Speakers
      • Investigation into the actions of House Jezbee – to be led by the Mistress of Shadows
      • General investigation of the mechanics of the Fragments:
        • Recover valuable items
        • Princess Dierdre
        • Investigate the Wolf & Crow situation

General Information:


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