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I have often visited this shadow, and have at times experimented with the Gracks to try and create this elusive gear, but to no effect. Still, I made many friends and they seemed quite interested in my knowledge of technology from other worlds. I exchanged information of such and made a few friends. They were nice enough, and overly trusting of strangers.
The Wanderings of Zythanimaerias

Planet shape: Giant Gear
Amber Relevant Time: ???
Tech Level: High
Magic: Minimal
Picture: Grikgrack

Grikgrack is a shadow where technology reigns supreme. Not the kind of technology that seems to work by magic, but rather, gears, dials, knobs, and steam create the wonders of science. There is not a shred of grass or piece of earth in sight. In fact the myths of the residents there (goblin like creatures, though as tall as a man, who call themselves Gracks) say that Grikgrack never was a planet, but has always been one giant piece of metal.

Built from ancestors of old and sent into space, their destination and reason for leaving a planet of dirt has been forgotten. Legends say that someday a great gear will be forged. It will lead the way to Griknamium, a kind of utopia where the ways of science, steam, and gear come to ones mind as easily as breathing.

People of Note:

Mikmark – The first Gracks I came across after entering the shadow. He was surprised to see me and immediately shouted for his fellow comrades to come and have a look. After some initial prodding and poking which I didn’t appreciate, but said nothing about, I was adopted (claimed might be a better word) into his legion (The Gracks word for family, though it has nothing to do with blood relation). I stay with him whenever I visit the shadow, and I tell him tales of the worlds beyond his own. He in turn speaks of the progress they have made in their world since my last visit. He always seemed a bit overly innocent to me, but had a good attitude of always wanting to get important things done quickly, so you have more time after wards to enjoy yourself.

Polgpock – I worked for him for a number of years. Mostly with manual labor, though occasionally he would invite me up to an invention night. It’s kind of like poker, except instead of money, the Gracks will bet their newest creations and inventions. He always enjoyed arguing with me about how it was not possible someone with my features could exist, and that my talk of other worlds was nonsense. However, I think he simply enjoyed arguing with people. I saved his life once, when a large structure was toppling down towards him, and he took me out for a long set of drinks. Even after I left his services, he considered me a good friend and will often ask of my whereabouts when I am out of the shadow, I hear.

Turstori – Ahhh, where to begin with Turstori? Female Gracks are not pretty to my eye, though it seemed I was fetching in their own, at least for her. She was a moody and compulsive type, and would often send me little gifts during my stays in the shadow. I was even told by Mikmark once that he would not be opposed to adopting her into his legion for me. I…have politely declined all such offers, and have even turned down Turstori when she worked up the courage to ask me out to the Lipalopla’s (A large set of slow spinning gears, much like ferris wheels, that look out over the edge of Grikgrack into space). Still, my refusal never daunted her, and when she hears of my return to the world, I always find a gift or two in my room the next day.


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