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I had come upon Forin during one of my many shadow travels almost by accident. I was searching for something pretty too look at, and wanted it by the light of night. I kept changing things slowly, not wanting to rush it in case I missed something spectacularly great that the shadow had filled in for me. Then, I stopped, as something caught the corner of my eye in the distance. It was beautiful and bright, and I stopped my shadow walk and approached it. The forin stopped me from getting too close, but I soon came to the knowledge of the Epoch and its function. Useless to me, of course, but I asked if it could perhaps bring back the dead. No one had an answer for me, for it seems the forin don’t understand the concept of war, and the idea of death has long since faded from their history, if it ever did exist. Still, I wonder to this day what it is; that powerful light.
The Wanderings of Zythanimaerias

Planet shape: Round
Amber Relevant Time: ???
Tech Level: Low
Magic: Average
Picture: Forin

The world of Forin has no day, but is at eternal night, with sliver of moons and stars in the sky. Nearly the whole world is covered in sand. The inhabitants are small hunchbacked immortal creatures who live in large colonies, centering around various geological changes, such as crevices or small mountains. The greatest wonder in all of Forin, is called the Epoch.

Take the light of the moon, then intensify it a few hundred times, now concentrate it down into a large glowing mass with tendrils whisping out into the sky and around the land. Then place it upon the ground in a deep crater and you will have the Epoch. The forin revere the Epoch and will not let just anyone approach its powerful light, for it shines continually and never seems to run out of whatever power it draws from. The Epoch is the key to the forins immortality, and will bathe in its light once every few years, restoring their youth and strength that had been spent as if it was knew.


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