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She turned to regard me with those rich, red eyes and I was reminded that such eyes are supposed to be the mark of shared lineage with Swayvill. Then she spoke, and I could not quite tell if she was captivated by me, or amused. “What brings you to Rhial’s Ways? Few come here by choice.”

Adrigal the Wanderer: The Tomb that is Rhial

Lady Enyala is Nalath’s youngest sister, which still puts her at a respectable two hundred or so years old. It’s impolite, of course, to ask a lady’s age. She’s known to be able to party, as are all the young Rhial lords and ladies of note, but little else is known of her, she doesn’t involve herself too much in the political games. She has navigated the Logrus, and has dabbled in sorcery, trump, blood magic, shadow weaving, the construction of artifacts… other than completing a walk of the Logrus, she doesn’t seem to have finished her study of any of those things. Some call her a scatterbrain, some say she just hasn’t found something that really interests her yet.

Quite a beauty, Enyala bears the mark of royal blood in her eyes, but is so far removed from any kind of legitimacy that no one even bothers to investigate if the eyes actually indicate some connection to Swayvill or if they’re simply a quirk of her appearance.

Lady Enyala


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