Chapter 2

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Departed the Black Cathedral with Zule, back to Ironwood. He’s charming… slightly. It’s nice to have some positive attention for once.
Another report from Felicia, more drama in Chaos. I wonder if I should just offer the intel to the Chaosians… they don’t seem to care much, though. Worth noting: Sophia was seen entering an enemy House. Possibly enemy, I can’t keep track these days; My fingers may be spread too far. I’ll work on that. I wonder what sort of game she is playing at. She may be useful in the near future.
Met with the Covin, only one favor left to fulfill. Though it will no doubt be the most challenging. And perhaps most fun.

An interesting bit just told, The Eye of Torment the Wolf now weilds is much like the Jewel. I wonder what she could be up to in Chaos.
There is an eerie light looming atop Thelbane. There is tell of another Great Storm tearing about Chaos, soon to tear across Shadow…
Brand was brought in return-favor for his rebirth to help protect Ironwood. Collected Weirwindle from Sophia. Fool.

Wasn’t long until that was addressed. The Chaosians all lost control of themselves, possessed it seemed. The Logrus no longer safe, it would seem… Nor a threat. A new power may have been born from this. Felicia fled Chaos and I am currently tending her wounds. She will survive, requested to never return there, to which I promised. Hopefully the Covin survived in their provided Shadow.

Zule, Felicia and I held out in the caverns beneath the keep during the Storm. I know not what occured excpet the mess left in it’s wake. Roland trumped for help with other members of the Council. Myrrdin’s cursed sword is something to watch out for.
Zeek the Avatar of the Serpent? I wonder if they ever found what they were looking for… I could have sworn I told someone something about that.

I feel as though someone has picked apart or through my mind… hm.

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I cannot believe he considers it legitimate. He doesn’t even know her! I don’t even know her… But we’ll find out. He’s busy. As always.

Wolf controls Thelbane and is gathering a force though no other deity appears to be working there. Good? Meh.
Fights over control of the Logrus. Should I tell the Chaosians? I might slip it in sometime. They never ask, interesting. They don’t reveal much.
The Serpent Knight’s are on the move, prepping for something big? Desire contact with the Unicorn’s or Amberites. This may be worth looking into. I’ll let this be known. Do I even like either of them? Probably not.

The stone has proven useful against demon hounds in Shadow. They reminded me of Julian’s… I miss uncle. Wow, that was weird. Digress. Zyth has brought us to the Black Cathedral, among some typical “hero” types from shadow. Weak. I have heard tales of this place, long ago… He mentioned power weapons. Weirwindle is still lingering on my mind… Such a beautiful sword. She doesn’t deserve to wield it.
This place is strange, sending us into past events? I believe I was in Corwin’s battle for Avalon, though not for long. The Undying woman spoke of many odd things; this place must have been part of many a past events… But how? Oberon was a cruel, tricky bastard. Oh, how I wish I could have dug through his mind. The Sleeper resembles him.

Side notes:
Zyth broke his abstinence vows, slept with a “Crow” woman. Suits him.
Sophia and Roland? But isn’t she…
Zule has become a bit clingy. I now remember why I stopped socializing.
No weapons without great cost. Myrrdin paid.

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Fuck! This rash isn’t going away. It’s like scales. I hate scales, they’re like drag—
And my feet, flash between flame and ice. I think I’m done with the Chaosian culture.

Weirwindle is smoking. What has she done to it? Something isn’t right… But what?
Felicia reports are growing more intense by the day. Dark times have indeed settled in. For good? Possibly. Information is growing harder to gather; people just aren’t talking. I should consider more sources…

The Greskin require a trade. I am not Cain but I can make do. I shall research and finally invest in the art trade.

If the Wolf didn’t already know of Ironwood, she does know. Zeek is such a fool. Greater one than Zyth, I suspect. They were made for each other. Despicable. So careless!

MARRIED. This cannot be. Although I adored the look of surprise upon his face, this is unacceptable. Queen of Glimmer or peasant of Frost, I care not. “No hostilities,” bitch. I grow sick at these thoughts. Something shall be done about this, mark these words.

Poor Gloom, still trapped here. I wonder if I shall see him, er, her again. Perhaps I’ll make them an offer…

Side notes:
New boots, can never be too prepared.
Love all the swirling colors of Chaos.
And Jelly donuts… who knew? Curse that Roland.

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Chapter 2

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