Chaos Succession

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King Swayvill, believed to be the son of Suhuy is the King of Chaos, the second king as he took his father’s place eons ago. His brother and his children formed the great houses of chaos.

Houses of Chaos
In order of claim to the throne, with a short summary of some relevant events, this is of course just a summary of events and not meant to be a genealogy of these houses. There are also numerous other houses of chaos not listed here.

Swayvill isn’t a house exactly, as most children of the King eventually form there own houses. Most “members” of the house were adopted, or very young or illegitimate. Swayvill’s unwillingness to name an heir may have lead to the exodus of his children.

Prince Gramble is the only surviving brother of King Swayvill, Sawall is one of the oldest surviving chaos houses. While Gramble abdicated his own claim to the throne when his brother became king, his son Mandor is commonly believed to have the one of the strongest claims.

Founded by Swayvill’s oldest son, Prince Hendrake, who has since died. Prince Hendrake’s daughter Lintra bore a child with prince Bennedict of Amber. That daughter who was named Dara died giving birth to Dara II, who married Prince Sawall.

The eldest daughter of Swayvill founded house Helibore. The first princess Helibore passed away during the first Demon War, leaving three daughters to fight over the house. None of these daughters survived the infighting, allowing Garvil the first Prince Helibore to rule. During the patternfall war Garvil and his daughter both perished, leaving the house with mostly younger members remaining, with the exception of the long missing Taliesin. While young, the heirs of Helibore have a strong claim to the throne of Chaos, which may be why Prince Bleys married the surviving 15 year old heir.

House Jesby was founded by Swayvill’s youngest daughter, who still lives to this day, though she no longer rules her house. She bore three children, the eldest being murdered by the other two whom she disinherited and exiled, though she later allowed them to return. Whether they are acknowledged heirs is not questioned inside the house… but outside is another matter entirely.

Known as the Kingmaker house, founded by Swayvill’s unacknowledged sister. During the succession it was she who convinced Gramble to put aside his claim. She is also rumored to have killed several of the other claimants. Her public renunciation of her lines claim for the throne allowed them to be Swayvill’s most trusted allies. She had two children, one High Lord Zemetel who rules the house in name and the other named Gellia who has since died.

Formed by Swayvill’s adopted daughter, her second marriage to one Narn who was one of Swayvill’s sons caused quite a scandal. Channicut is often divided amongst those who carry the blood of Swayvill and those who do not.

Chaos Succession

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