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We were both wonderfully drunk that night, and it seemed but a brief while that you talked-weeping some of the time-telling me of the mighty mountain Kolvir and the green and golden spires of the city, of the promenades, the decks, the terraces, the flowers, the fountains…
The Guns of Avalon

Amber was the greatest city which had ever existed or ever would exist. Amber had always been and
always would be, and every other city, everywhere every other city that existed was but a reflection of a shadow of some phase of Amber. Amber, Amber, Amber . . . I remember thee. I shall never forget thee again. I guess, deep inside me, I never really did, through all those centuries I wandered the Shadow.
Nine Princes in Amber

The great city of Amber, the one true city an the center of all things. The city of Amber sits upon the southern slope of Mount Kolvir, and deep within the palace lies the pattern. All of shadow is simply a reflection of the one true earth, reflected through the power of the Pattern. From Amber the immortal Princes and Princesses of Amber hail. Amber is the center of all things, and all roads lead to Amber.

Regions of Amber

Forest Arden

Whitemist Cove


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