Tears of the Lost

Chapter 8 - Resurrection

Log by Brandon

On an island fortress in a red sea the Counsel of Ironwood was formed. For the first time in history Amberites and Chaosites came together and formed an alliance of sorts. There mission, to foster greater cooperation between Amber and Chaos in the dark times ahead. Roland, Wren and Yasmine took positions for Amber, while Sophia, Gilva and Nalath were chosen for the chaos representatives.

One of the counsels first actions was to travel to chaos with the intention of investigating Merlin’s incarceration by house Jesby. After witnessing a duel in Thelbane that proved High Lord Jenroh of Chanicut had not perished in Amber Nalath, Coral and Wren took the opportunity to cast an investigative spell into the Abyss, which was successful in locating one of the Fragments.

With the use of Coral and Wren’s spells the Counsel willingly entered the Fragments. By chance the spell brought them to a disturbing location. A cairn of next to a crater concealed the remains of Prince Brand of Amber, apparently the crater being where Dierdre and he had landed.

As the council investigated the site, Yasmine got word of the location of King Random of Amber who had been missing for some time. Apparently, Amber that had fallen into the Abyss was mostly fallen to the worshipers of the Crow and the Wolf and Random was being held by an unknown party in a section of the city in danger of being overrun.

Retrieving what gear had been abandoned in Amber, the Council along with Princess Fiona followed Yasmine and her agents into the city. Along the way they were accosted by cultists who in a fit of mass suicide summoned what appeared to be the Wolf of Zythanimarius’ religion. Zyth bravely held the Wolf’s attention as the rest of the rescue force continued on, freeing Random from a warehouse. Random was in poor condition so they returned to the castle.

Zyth fared poorly in his encounter with the Wolf, whom had taken a female form. This confused him and he broke a centuries old oath to not harm women, stabbing the Wolf but to no avail. Zyth fled to Prince Martin of Amber who was aiding in the evacuation of the city to a different fragment. The wolf followed and the encounter ended with both Zyth and Martin losing an eye each, but the Wolf was dispelled before it could slay Zyth.

In Amber, Random was rescued but Fiona confided that the Jewel of Judgement was missing and a mystical search by Nalath was begun with the Logrus. In a sock drawer in Zyth’s chambers the Jewel was found in a cunningly locked box. Ezekiel, who had some experience with this sort of thing picked the lock, returning the jewel to Fiona.

With the city nearly fallen, the Council returned to the entrance they had forged into the abyss via trump to return to Chaos. When the Jewel was brought into proximity of the Cairn it unfortunately triggered a mystical trap. Fiona collapsed to the ground apparently asleep, and all those who did not flee shortly followed. The Jewel, flashing red floated to Brand’s remains, which were mystically re clothed in flesh.

The newly resurrected Prince Brand, returned those who had not fled to the Council of Ironwood, and then disappeared Jewel of Judgement in hand.

Thus ends Volume 1 of Tears of the Lost.


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