Tears of the Lost

Chapter 7 - A Change of Scenery

-Log by Wren

We return to our heroes to find them ensuing upon a great trek through shadow, led by Lady Wren. Their goal, a place to establish their Embassy.

The shadow walk brought them through many an interesting place. Along the way, a great stone giant was encountered and, with credit going to Lord Myrrdin, convinced to accompany them on their journey. Other shadows were much less hospitable, however, as burning shards of metal rained heavily down upon the group.

Trumps were tested, and it was decided going just a bit closer to Amber would not have been a bad choice, considering the situation at present. However, the shift came at a cost. And that cost was dragons.

Set upon by three black dragons within a shadow with an Amber ocean, our group scattered. Immediately, Coral disappeared from sight, and around Nalath appeared a great, blazing prism in the darkness. Wren, Yazmin and Myrrdin both sought cover behind nearby boulders as mist began to roil outwards, surrounding the group. Lady Sophia took Alvin and rushed towards the native foilage. And Ezekial took the simple option of running.

It was discovered that the dragon flame devoured magic, thus making life in general for any caster quite miserable. And, it was also discovered that the foilage was mobile, and sentient enough to reach for things unfortunate enough to stumble into it. Lady Sophia cleaved her way free, saving Alvin in the process. And between the magic users, Martin and Myrrdin, one dragon was slain, another deciding that an exit was a better plan.

Ezekial however, was much less fortunate. Trapped in a steam vent, he had heat below, and a dragon maw above. A trump was necessary, and he found himself in the great hall of the ‘true’ Amber, in the company of Delwin, Sand, Mirelle, and a chained Llewella. Despite his best attempts to escape, his plans were thwarted, and he was forced to call upon Zythanimaerias for aid. In exchange for their public promise to not oppose Delwin, Delwin let both men go free.

And we leave our heroes in their newly found, dragon-free shadow, the site of the soon-to-be embassy.


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