Tears of the Lost

Chapter 6 - A Disease and a Curse

[Log by Sophia]

Exhausted, battered, and in some cases needing medical attention, the party resumed their journey toward the city of Glitter and a source for answers. Sophia joined the expedition and brought them disturbing news of a village of giants near Amber that had been slaughtered, the bodies feasted on by an entire murder of crows and a holographic Zythanimaerius preaching from atop the pile of corpses. Along with her also came the news of increased worshipping of the Wolf and Crow in surrounding villages.

With such unwelcome news the adventurers hastened their way toward Glitter only to be ambushed while pursuing a fleeing Nephilim through one of the circles. The Ambushers, who were professional, had an elven cast to their features and wore grey and burgundy. They were quickly dispatched although not before several of the party were grievously wounded. Several ambushers were able to escape, however one was retained for questioning.

The expedition decided to turn back in order to recover and gather more forces. When they returned to the city, they discovered that the strange blood disease that Zythanimaerius, Myrrdin, and now Wren were afflicted with had spread. Throughout the city the rioting continued as people were became infected and food remained scarce.

The Princess Fiona brought word to the adventurers that walking The Pattern should break the curse that was upon them. It was decided that those of Amber blood would journey to Rebma to try the Pattern there, while the Chaosites traversed the Logrus in the hopes that it would have a similar effect. The Amberites were able to make it to the Pattern room and cleanse themselves of the curse despite the fact that they were discovered and pursued by Delwin’s forces, and despite one terrifying moment for Zeke before Zythanimaerius informed him that he could breathe the water in Rebma.

The party members are currently making their way toward the designated meeting place where they plan to establish a base of operations and formulate a plan of action.


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