Tears of the Lost

Chapter 5 - Doomed

-Log by Wren

Mostly prepared to leave, our Amberite and Chaosite adventurers gathered. Some additional measures, Trumps, were discussed, and left to Zyth. However, he found his work post-poned as his companions Tint and Grix took off in an unusual fashion. Following, he discovered a scene that boded ill for both he and the world that they were trapped within. The Crow and the Wolf were coming.

Unaware of Zyth’s bad news, our heroes congregated at the site of the Last Circle, eager to depart and find a way to escape their distant prison. Prince Julian had constructed a walled defense around the Circle, should anything decide to come ‘pay a visit.’ After some final preparations, the group activated the runes, and were gone.

Upon arriving, the party attempted to scout the area, by various means, finding themselves surrounded by mist. Their investigations were stalled when blood began to pour from Zythanimaerius’s eyes, though there was no source for the bleeding. The blood proved to be mystical in nature, as it began to grow and crawl towards each member, attaching itself to Lady Wren and spreading outwards across the ground. It was discovered that Logrus had some sort of effect on it, but in that discovery, Lord Myrrdin too, was afflicted similarly to Zyth, blood streaming from his eyes.

With a look through his mask, Lord Nalath revealed a marker of doom that loomed over both men’s heads. Some drastic preventative measures having been taken, and the situation being mostly under control, it was decided that perhaps it would be best for both Zythanimaerius and Myrrdin to… distance themselves from the others. Just in case, of course.

Local greenery shied away from the Doomed men, and horses would not let them come near, so the two boarded one of Nalath’s brilliant creations, a Greater Filmy, as it was the only mode of transportation that accepted their presence.

Finding the next circle, the group moved on. Well, most of the group, as Myrrdin remained in the Filmy, and thus was left behind. Which, could have fortunate, if not for two events. The first, being the wave of death and decay that assaulted the remainder of the party on the other side. What once was a city was now a morbid graveyard. Bodies were impaled on spikes, days dead. The entire city was desolate, save for the crows that circled overhead.

The second event however, involved Wren and Zythanimaerius, in their attempt to retrieve Myrrdin, who did not come through behind them. Reactivating the circle, the two were assaulted by a force of humanoid bird creatures. And after a vicious, out-numbered fight, the three returned, battered and bloodied, but alive.

Disturbed by the scene of carnage surrounding them, the party did a mass exodus of the city, and were unbothered for some time in their travels. However, Lady Coral, acting as a scout, spied a gruesome scene ahead of them, calling for their pace to increase. What greeted them ahead was a flock of winged women, and two Nephilim playing a nasty game of catch with a young Seraphim boy, his mother left dying on the ground below to watch.

In a great rush, the party descended upon the group. Wren made a dash for the boy and his mother, when Nalath and Coral aimed their attacks upon the two Nephilim. Myrrdin and Ezekial distracted the Harpies, while Lady Yazmin picked off that group from a distance. The rescue attempt was a partial success, the mother dying, and several members of the party being pretty badly battered. Or impaled, in Ezekial’s case.

Separated and exhausted, the party took refuge in a cabin of Nalath’s creation. Their rest was cut far too short however, as Grix rose the alarm, calling that a shadow had come and whisked Zyth away in the night. Confusion settled over the group when Zythanimaerius returned with a freshly broken nose, but no memory of what had happened.

It was decided that security measures were in definite need of strengthening, and that rest was no longer an option. And so now, our heroes continue onward on their trek for Glitter, and a way out of this fragmented world.


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