Tears of the Lost

Chapter 4 - Trapped

-Log by Wren

Morning, if it could in fact be called such a thing without a proper rising of the sun, brought our heroes away from their attempts at sleep, or catnaps. After little deliberation, it was decided to make a sweep through the castle for survivors. Zythanimaerias, Princess Fiona and Coral opted to stay behind in the Royal Chambers, for their various reasons while the others made their exit. Their first destination, the library, brought them to Prince Julian and Roland, son of Eric, along with several guards and some of Julian’s shadow hounds.

With the situation having been explained, and the majority of the group simply glossing over the charged glares exchanged between Martin and Roland, our party continued their sweep through the castle, minus Julian and his storm hounds. Their goal was to erradicate a lingering demon in the Chaos delegation’s quarters. It was, of course, unacceptable to let such a thing roam about.

Upon entering the Great Hall, the very few remaining soldiers were found attempting to make sense out of the mess that had spread throughout the castle. It was then, as questions were being hurled and answers being given, that the sole surviving paige interrupted, to inform lady Yazmin that there was someone requesting to speak with her.

As time progressed, our heroes grew restless, all of them eager to find a means of escape. And thus, several experiments were conducted, and various investigations put into action. As an end result, Lady Sophia managed Trump contact with Bleys, Lady Gilva was rescued from the torturous clutches of an unknown party, Lady Wren discovered Dierdre to be alive, and Julian discerned he may be capable of breaking the barrier that held them.

At Lady Sophia’s request, each separate party was gathered together, and she shared the information that she had recieved from Prince Bleys. Delwin the Lost appeared to be ruling in the true Amber, making their Amber simple a shadow-pocket look-alike. And, a notion of Zyth’s once ruled ludacris, then became plausible. Perhaps, they were in the Abyss afterall.

The surviving members of the Chaos delegation attempted an escape via Trump, which for all purposes seemed a success. Until they were returned mere hours later, all stating their return having happened after they fell asleep. They were truly cursed.

The next morning, Amberites and Chaosites, along with a handful of guards, approached the barrier, Jewel of Judgment in hand. Julian’s plan was a success, at great damage to their imposter city. Beyond their transposed home, were great fields of green and endless skies of green swirling gas.

In a completely unknown land and with no shadow to reach through, the party progressed, finally happening upon a race that called themselves ‘Storm Giants.’ It was then learned, that only the Seraphim could navigate the worlds here, what they called Fragments, and… conveniently enough, there happened to be two fugative Seraph in the village.

Our heroes met a man and woman, Tal and Galya, and learned from them much. The make up of these worlds, these Fragments. How they functioned. The history between the Seraphim and the Nephilim. And the way each navigated these worlds. They also learned that the name Dierdre was something to spark interest, and that Tal may in fact be one of their cousins.

But will this information prove useful in their escape? Will they be able to find a way to return to Amber? How much time will pass before things can be put right again? Only time will tell.


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