Tears of the Lost

Chapter 4 - The Black Cathedral

- Log by Wren

Our adventure starts with a mass trumping by Zythanimaerias. In an attempt to gather all of his cousins and their Chaosite companions, Zyth began his spree of trumps. After some convincing and a fair passage of time, the group was finally assembled. Their goal? To find and claim weapons Zythanimaerias simply dubbed ‘God Killers.’ His search had lead him to a desolate place.

A great stretch of barren, sun-baked land rolled out before the group, and off in the distance lay a great, dark cathedral. The final destination, where they might find their weapons capable of slaying creatures equal in power to the Unicorn and Serpent themselves.

Unable to stealthily approach the cathedral, the group trekked forward, soon discovering a pack of great hellish hounds en route to them. The creatures were fast, strong, and bent on killing the invaders upon their territory. And they met the party with a great clash, bowling over several individuals. Swords at the ready, and spells being cast with great speed, the party managed to stave off the beasts, though not all were uninjured in the attack.

The group, minus Wren, marched onward to escape the return of the hounds. Presented with three doors upon the Cathedral’s front steps, the group filtered through separate entrances, expecting to meet on the inside and continue deeper into the building.

But this was no ordinary place, the extent of that they soon found out.

Nalath, Yazmin, Roland and Zule found themselves in a past time, watching Prince Corwin wage battle against hundreds of demonic creatures with his men of Avalon. In an attempt to aid the prince, the adventurers bravely set forth. The enemy force was strong, and Yazmin took shelter from a giant tree-like demon, and an ogre in a nearby building, which soon collapsed. Nalath, Roland and Zule, who at the revelation to Corwin that Roland was Eric’s son, followed suit into another building, Nalath narrowly escaping death as Grayswandir pierced his shoulder.

Sophia, Zythanimaerias, and Myrrdin found themselves overlooking the famous battle against the Moon-riders of Ganesh. Upon spotting his son, Bennedict abandoned his retreat to rescue his son from certain death. Such a dramatic turn of known events, that Zyth did not want to risk changing the course of the battle. Through extreme bravery shown by both Myrrdin and Zyth, and a streak of genuine cleverness from Sophia, the trio fought towards Bennedict. Sophia, stealing herself a Moon, hovered overhead, and made herself quite the nuisance to the enemy forces, a daring and risky move, which in the end saved both Myrrdin and Zyth from being over-whelmed.

As each group reached the conclusion of their window into the past, they found themselves teleported back to the cathedral, all still injured, but alive and reunited. Upon having Wren rejoin the party, and shaking off the effects of their time travel, the group pressed forward, finding themselves set upon by great gargoyles, protectors of the cathedral. The party managed a fairly quick escape, Wren leaving a foot behind, and slipped ever deeper into the cathedral.

Despite the trials they had been through, the group came upon the altar, to find an Acolyte. She answered their questions, and even held back the Memories of all those claimed by the Cathedral, eventually calling for the Undying Maiden, an immortal woman named Maive. After some speaking, it was determined that for a small price, she would allow them to speak to the Sleeper. The price, one of the immortal men had to sleep with her daughter Mab, ugly and cursed as she was. Zythanimaerias, though unwilling, eventually agreed to the task at hand, and while the others found rooms, he was escorted away.

The next day, the group gathered and traveled down into the very deepest parts of the Cathedral, to meet the Sleeper. A woman, by the name of Titania, who bore an eerily strong resemblance to the late Lord Oberon, who was determined to be the creator of this place. The place was to hold her, and any items that Oberon felt needed to be kept locked away. A place that Delwin the Lost once frequented. And while their were very few ‘God Killing’ weapons to be had, the group found themselves armed with something that could prove to be much more dangerous; Information.


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