Tears of the Lost

Chapter 3 - We're here to Rescue You!

Log by Brandon

The counsel of Ironwood begins yet another expedition into the Fragments, this time to rescue those who remain trapped behind. While Nalath, Wren and Coral cast the great spell to return to the Fragments, from Thelbane the Wolf herself came to watch. Surprisingly civil, she simply observed the spell, expressing interest in the Crow not escaping the fragments. She was also very interested in Werewindle, which Sophia still had. For several days smoke had been billowing out of the Scabbard, the pattern blade reacting strongly to something. During this encounter the Wolf followed a trump, presumably discovering the location of Ironwood.

Upon reaching the fragments, the Counsel found that Yasmin’s father Caine was getting married to a Nivalis, the queen of the Nephilim, binding an alliance between Nephilim and Seraphim. After attending the wedding, the spell was once again cast allowing the Counsel and select individuals such as Caine, Martin, Coral’s parents to escape the fragments. A shapeshifter who took Ezekiel’s form also escaped this way.

In Ironwood it was learned that Ezekiel was now a father. His son Markus was two years old, having been raised in a fast time shadow. Ezekeil found his demonic horns somewhat off putting.


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