Tears of the Lost

Chapter 3 - A Blood Drenched Eve

-Log by Wren

Myrrdin’s hopes of a relaxing evening were dashed as a resounding crash and following scream emanated from his delegation companion, Merlin’s room. After some sarcasm laced comments from Jenroh and a removal of a spell upon the door, the two finally managed to enter Merlin’s room.

Inside, they found a distraught and injured Gilva. Between sobbing, and stabbing anyone that came near, she informed them Merlin had been taken, but beyond that was not useful. Spotting some strange device implanted within her flesh, Myrrdin removed the item by force, releasing its apparent hold on the delegate member. Rushing Gilva to the infirmary, Myrrdin then set to the task of informing the other delegates.

Such information was received while the others attended a ‘party’ of sorts upon a balcony. With many a refreshment to be had, the social gathering was a hit. However, it dissolved with incredible speed upon two realizations. One, that the stars in the sky were disappearing, quite rapidly. Two, that their newest edition, Ezekial, was in fact speaking to Zythanimaerias via trump.

Finding the moon beginning to disappear, our intrepid heroes began a trek to locate Prince Caine, and find him they did, in company with Prince Julian. And, of course, both Princes shortly took their leave after finding out what was transpiring upon the night sky, leaving the next generation to stand in awkward silence.

Nalath drew upon The Logrus and sent it forth to investigate, but hit an impenetrable wall. Julian and Morganstern charged through the rioting city until they reached a newly erected physical barrier and could go no further. Wren’s scrying spell watched as the wall completed itself directly above Amber. Amber herself was encased. And the Pattern too, felt far away and distant. And with such news, the group made a rush for the Pattern room, their path taking them to bodies, and beyond that, monsters of shadow. Shadows defeated, they pressed onward, only to discover the Pattern to be no more.

Filled with dread, the youngest of Amber’s sons and daughters stood, bewildered, while the castle was filled with four separate factions bringing with them death and destruction. A decision was made to find his majesty Random but instead, what they found was two Princess Fionas, a heavily spiked knight, and more monsters of shadow.

The fighting cleared and ceased, leaving the group confused, battered and otherwise disgruntled. Tensions were high, no one knowing whom to trust, or if to trust anyone at all. A most inopportune time for one Zythanimaerias to arrive and begin, as it appeared to witnesses, rifling through his majesty’s belongings, declaring that the King was dead.

Unsettled, our heroes find themselves in the royal chambers of Amber, the room smelling of spilled wine, littered in bodies, and the air thick with tension. Prince Caine accused of traitorous acts, King Random gone without a trace, and Amber city removed from perhaps the universe itself. Crown Prince Martin has taken charge of the situation, but it still remains to be seen what course of action our heroes will take…


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