Tears of the Lost

Chapter 1 - The New King

Log by Brandon

Zythanimarius, distraught over breaking his ancient vow created a trump of the Wolf, and activated it. The trump behaved oddly, taking on a life of its own and sending Zyth into a realm of darkness. Seemingly without body he moved through the black appearing within a familiar seeming environment. The temple of the wolf.

Unmoved by his apologies, the wolf threataned Zyth’s life, forcing him to lay down upon an altar. With her claws she tore open his chest, removing a black gem from within. As Zyth writhed in agony she licked his wounds, closing them, and left him upon the altar. When Zyth finally freed himself he fled the temple, taking refuge in a familiar shadow.

Elsewhere in Ironwood, the Council determined to speak with Delwin and gain a measure of the man before declaring their opposition to his reign. Delwin received the council warmly, expressing his respect of the members and declaring his support of the Ironwood project, going so far as to suggest that his sister Sand might visit the council to represent the thrones interest. He further offered the hospitality of Amber which the Council quickly accepted.

Finding Floramelle in residence, Myrrdin and Nalath took the opportunity to meet the woman many claimed to be the most beautiful lady in all the universe. For some time they exchanged gossip upon a balcony sipping Delwin’s finest wines.

In other ares of Amber, lady Wren and and Sophia met Delwin’s son Dashell. As regal as Delwin was, Dashell was exactly the opposite. Clearly unfamiliar with politics his eager manner quickly endeared him to the pair who introduced him to the rest of the council. Ezekiel found him less charming, particularly upon finding that his missing trumps were in Dashell’s possession.

Later that evening in a pub in Amber city, the nobles of Amber and Chaos relaxed. Ezekiel managed to turn the folk music of the establishment into something approaching Rock and Roll. As drinks flowed freely everyone took a well earned rest.

And then Prince Brand arrived, with a customary lack of explanation dove into portents of doom and destruction. The Eye of Torment had been removed from Zyth, where it apparently had been being stored and the Wolf was on the move in chaos. According to Brand if something wasn’t done shortly, the houses of chaos would fall. Something needed to be done to stabilize the situation, but before he could explain his plan he became panicked, tossing his pattern blade Werewindle to Sophia and disappearing, leaving a flash of rainbow colors behind.

Concerned with this news, the Council returned to Ironwood with Dashell, intent on staving off disaster by rescuing Merlin from Jesby thus eliminating there hold on Prince Corwin of Amber. Roland and the Council were also convinced that perhaps Delwin was not too terrible a choice to currently reign in Amber. Especially with a son so uninterested in politics…


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