Tears of the Lost

Chapter 1 - A Warm Welcome

-Log by Brandon

The delegation from chaos arrived in Amber, having crossed the entire universe to treat with Amber. The delegation included High Lord Jenroh of Channicut, Merlin and Myrrdin of Sawall, Gilva of Hendrake, Sophia of Helibore and Nalath of House Rhiall. Upon their arrival, Jenroh of Channicut who had the honor to be the head of the delegation was welcomed personally by his Majesty King Random. The rest of the delegation was directed to the great hall where Zythanimaerius, Wren and Yazmin were there to welcome them to Amber.

Apparently randomly it was at this time that a largely naked man named Ezekiel appeared in the great hall, holding a trump card in his hand. This immediately became a subject of much discussion with several people theorizing that he was in fact of the blood of Amber. Merlin convinced Ezekiel to assail the pattern, glossing over the dangers of failure and the pair, against the wishes of the Amberites made their way to the Pattern, where both of them and a young woman from Begma known as Coral were successful.

That evening a rich private dinner was held for the delegation with several princes and princesses of Amber in attendance. During the meal, several of the servants turned out to be magically disguised imposters who attempted to murder Lord Myrrdin and Lady Sophia, nearly succeeding in Myrrdin’s case. Unfortunately both were killed before they could be taken for questioning, one by Prince Caine and the other by Sophia.

His Majesty quickly arrested all of the servants and ordered an investigation, and personally apologized to the delegates for the security breach, vowing to bring whomever was responsible to justice. The Chaosites accepted the apology, however took the precaution of barricading their suites so that there was but one entrance to be defended.


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