Tears of the Lost

Chapter 1 - A Warm Welcome
-Log by Brandon

The delegation from chaos arrived in Amber, having crossed the entire universe to treat with Amber. The delegation included High Lord Jenroh of Channicut, Merlin and Myrrdin of Sawall, Gilva of Hendrake, Sophia of Helibore and Nalath of House Rhiall. Upon their arrival, Jenroh of Channicut who had the honor to be the head of the delegation was welcomed personally by his Majesty King Random. The rest of the delegation was directed to the great hall where Zythanimaerius, Wren and Yazmin were there to welcome them to Amber.

Apparently randomly it was at this time that a largely naked man named Ezekiel appeared in the great hall, holding a trump card in his hand. This immediately became a subject of much discussion with several people theorizing that he was in fact of the blood of Amber. Merlin convinced Ezekiel to assail the pattern, glossing over the dangers of failure and the pair, against the wishes of the Amberites made their way to the Pattern, where both of them and a young woman from Begma known as Coral were successful.

That evening a rich private dinner was held for the delegation with several princes and princesses of Amber in attendance. During the meal, several of the servants turned out to be magically disguised imposters who attempted to murder Lord Myrrdin and Lady Sophia, nearly succeeding in Myrrdin’s case. Unfortunately both were killed before they could be taken for questioning, one by Prince Caine and the other by Sophia.

His Majesty quickly arrested all of the servants and ordered an investigation, and personally apologized to the delegates for the security breach, vowing to bring whomever was responsible to justice. The Chaosites accepted the apology, however took the precaution of barricading their suites so that there was but one entrance to be defended.

Chapter 2 - Mystery Trumps
Log by Brandon

Quite rightly disturbed by the assassination attempt, the chaosites, notably Nalath and Sophia began to investigate possible leads on the assassins. It was discovered that someone had been spreading rumors against the chaosites, before they even had arrived. And a mysterious figure known as “Gloom” was known to be hiring muscle in the city.

Inside Amber, the dining hall grew tense as several Chaosites made biting comments about there safety, and the possible involvement of the crown. These comments were met by silence, doing little to dispel the undercurrent of mistrust. Roland, who claimed to be the son of Eric arrived, announcing himself as Prince and immediately striking sparks with King Random’s son Martin. After much discussion it was decided that a report of Werewolves in Arden might be worth investigating as an interesting pastime.

However it was not meant to be, Zyth and Wren both discovered mysterious trump cards inside there rooms. Zyth’s lead to an odd shadow with a letter, allegedly from Prince Brand of amber informing him to return to that location at noon the next day. Wren’s card, which was of the missing Coral was darker, and she found her mind pulled through the contact, and the connection to her body made tenuous. Apparently trapped in darkness, Coral lay sleeping on a dark plane floating within the nothingness.

Some time had passed and the adventurers came to investigate, finding her in a trance. After breaking the trance it was determined another attempt would be made, this time with Nalath and Wren. They succesfully reached and woke Coral, but while exploring some currents in the dark Wren found herself captured by House Jesby. A rescuse attempt was made that quickly went wrong, the black place came out in the underreaches of House Jesby as a black well. Which shortly after the rescue began a dragon like creature formed and began to attack. It was also learned that Prince Corwin was present in house Jesby, and involved with the well. The rescue was successful, though several injuries were taken, the rescuees escaped to House Rhiall.

On the next day Zyth convinced several lords and ladies of Chaos and Amber to follow through the mysterious trump where another mysterious trump lay. The attempt was somewhat behind schedule, and they arrived in the midst of a battle between the armies of Amber, which were being lead back from Chaos by Prince Bennedict and a clockwork army. Prince Bennedict was held by some trump artist, and his army was being decimated by the machines.

Bravely, Zyth and Nalath interupted the trump block, misdirecting it to Zyth. The trump attack was being lead by a mysterious man, whom Bennedict claimed was Delwin the long lost. With Bennedict unfrozen and the assistance of our heroes the clockwork army was defeated.

His Majesty, King Random expressed his gratitude to all those involved, in particular the Chaosites whom Random tentatively agreed to some of their proposal.

Chapter 3 - A Blood Drenched Eve
-Log by Wren

Myrrdin’s hopes of a relaxing evening were dashed as a resounding crash and following scream emanated from his delegation companion, Merlin’s room. After some sarcasm laced comments from Jenroh and a removal of a spell upon the door, the two finally managed to enter Merlin’s room.

Inside, they found a distraught and injured Gilva. Between sobbing, and stabbing anyone that came near, she informed them Merlin had been taken, but beyond that was not useful. Spotting some strange device implanted within her flesh, Myrrdin removed the item by force, releasing its apparent hold on the delegate member. Rushing Gilva to the infirmary, Myrrdin then set to the task of informing the other delegates.

Such information was received while the others attended a ‘party’ of sorts upon a balcony. With many a refreshment to be had, the social gathering was a hit. However, it dissolved with incredible speed upon two realizations. One, that the stars in the sky were disappearing, quite rapidly. Two, that their newest edition, Ezekial, was in fact speaking to Zythanimaerias via trump.

Finding the moon beginning to disappear, our intrepid heroes began a trek to locate Prince Caine, and find him they did, in company with Prince Julian. And, of course, both Princes shortly took their leave after finding out what was transpiring upon the night sky, leaving the next generation to stand in awkward silence.

Nalath drew upon The Logrus and sent it forth to investigate, but hit an impenetrable wall. Julian and Morganstern charged through the rioting city until they reached a newly erected physical barrier and could go no further. Wren’s scrying spell watched as the wall completed itself directly above Amber. Amber herself was encased. And the Pattern too, felt far away and distant. And with such news, the group made a rush for the Pattern room, their path taking them to bodies, and beyond that, monsters of shadow. Shadows defeated, they pressed onward, only to discover the Pattern to be no more.

Filled with dread, the youngest of Amber’s sons and daughters stood, bewildered, while the castle was filled with four separate factions bringing with them death and destruction. A decision was made to find his majesty Random but instead, what they found was two Princess Fionas, a heavily spiked knight, and more monsters of shadow.

The fighting cleared and ceased, leaving the group confused, battered and otherwise disgruntled. Tensions were high, no one knowing whom to trust, or if to trust anyone at all. A most inopportune time for one Zythanimaerias to arrive and begin, as it appeared to witnesses, rifling through his majesty’s belongings, declaring that the King was dead.

Unsettled, our heroes find themselves in the royal chambers of Amber, the room smelling of spilled wine, littered in bodies, and the air thick with tension. Prince Caine accused of traitorous acts, King Random gone without a trace, and Amber city removed from perhaps the universe itself. Crown Prince Martin has taken charge of the situation, but it still remains to be seen what course of action our heroes will take…

Chapter 4 - Trapped
-Log by Wren

Morning, if it could in fact be called such a thing without a proper rising of the sun, brought our heroes away from their attempts at sleep, or catnaps. After little deliberation, it was decided to make a sweep through the castle for survivors. Zythanimaerias, Princess Fiona and Coral opted to stay behind in the Royal Chambers, for their various reasons while the others made their exit. Their first destination, the library, brought them to Prince Julian and Roland, son of Eric, along with several guards and some of Julian’s shadow hounds.

With the situation having been explained, and the majority of the group simply glossing over the charged glares exchanged between Martin and Roland, our party continued their sweep through the castle, minus Julian and his storm hounds. Their goal was to erradicate a lingering demon in the Chaos delegation’s quarters. It was, of course, unacceptable to let such a thing roam about.

Upon entering the Great Hall, the very few remaining soldiers were found attempting to make sense out of the mess that had spread throughout the castle. It was then, as questions were being hurled and answers being given, that the sole surviving paige interrupted, to inform lady Yazmin that there was someone requesting to speak with her.

As time progressed, our heroes grew restless, all of them eager to find a means of escape. And thus, several experiments were conducted, and various investigations put into action. As an end result, Lady Sophia managed Trump contact with Bleys, Lady Gilva was rescued from the torturous clutches of an unknown party, Lady Wren discovered Dierdre to be alive, and Julian discerned he may be capable of breaking the barrier that held them.

At Lady Sophia’s request, each separate party was gathered together, and she shared the information that she had recieved from Prince Bleys. Delwin the Lost appeared to be ruling in the true Amber, making their Amber simple a shadow-pocket look-alike. And, a notion of Zyth’s once ruled ludacris, then became plausible. Perhaps, they were in the Abyss afterall.

The surviving members of the Chaos delegation attempted an escape via Trump, which for all purposes seemed a success. Until they were returned mere hours later, all stating their return having happened after they fell asleep. They were truly cursed.

The next morning, Amberites and Chaosites, along with a handful of guards, approached the barrier, Jewel of Judgment in hand. Julian’s plan was a success, at great damage to their imposter city. Beyond their transposed home, were great fields of green and endless skies of green swirling gas.

In a completely unknown land and with no shadow to reach through, the party progressed, finally happening upon a race that called themselves ‘Storm Giants.’ It was then learned, that only the Seraphim could navigate the worlds here, what they called Fragments, and… conveniently enough, there happened to be two fugative Seraph in the village.

Our heroes met a man and woman, Tal and Galya, and learned from them much. The make up of these worlds, these Fragments. How they functioned. The history between the Seraphim and the Nephilim. And the way each navigated these worlds. They also learned that the name Dierdre was something to spark interest, and that Tal may in fact be one of their cousins.

But will this information prove useful in their escape? Will they be able to find a way to return to Amber? How much time will pass before things can be put right again? Only time will tell.

Chapter 5 - Doomed
-Log by Wren

Mostly prepared to leave, our Amberite and Chaosite adventurers gathered. Some additional measures, Trumps, were discussed, and left to Zyth. However, he found his work post-poned as his companions Tint and Grix took off in an unusual fashion. Following, he discovered a scene that boded ill for both he and the world that they were trapped within. The Crow and the Wolf were coming.

Unaware of Zyth’s bad news, our heroes congregated at the site of the Last Circle, eager to depart and find a way to escape their distant prison. Prince Julian had constructed a walled defense around the Circle, should anything decide to come ‘pay a visit.’ After some final preparations, the group activated the runes, and were gone.

Upon arriving, the party attempted to scout the area, by various means, finding themselves surrounded by mist. Their investigations were stalled when blood began to pour from Zythanimaerius’s eyes, though there was no source for the bleeding. The blood proved to be mystical in nature, as it began to grow and crawl towards each member, attaching itself to Lady Wren and spreading outwards across the ground. It was discovered that Logrus had some sort of effect on it, but in that discovery, Lord Myrrdin too, was afflicted similarly to Zyth, blood streaming from his eyes.

With a look through his mask, Lord Nalath revealed a marker of doom that loomed over both men’s heads. Some drastic preventative measures having been taken, and the situation being mostly under control, it was decided that perhaps it would be best for both Zythanimaerius and Myrrdin to… distance themselves from the others. Just in case, of course.

Local greenery shied away from the Doomed men, and horses would not let them come near, so the two boarded one of Nalath’s brilliant creations, a Greater Filmy, as it was the only mode of transportation that accepted their presence.

Finding the next circle, the group moved on. Well, most of the group, as Myrrdin remained in the Filmy, and thus was left behind. Which, could have fortunate, if not for two events. The first, being the wave of death and decay that assaulted the remainder of the party on the other side. What once was a city was now a morbid graveyard. Bodies were impaled on spikes, days dead. The entire city was desolate, save for the crows that circled overhead.

The second event however, involved Wren and Zythanimaerius, in their attempt to retrieve Myrrdin, who did not come through behind them. Reactivating the circle, the two were assaulted by a force of humanoid bird creatures. And after a vicious, out-numbered fight, the three returned, battered and bloodied, but alive.

Disturbed by the scene of carnage surrounding them, the party did a mass exodus of the city, and were unbothered for some time in their travels. However, Lady Coral, acting as a scout, spied a gruesome scene ahead of them, calling for their pace to increase. What greeted them ahead was a flock of winged women, and two Nephilim playing a nasty game of catch with a young Seraphim boy, his mother left dying on the ground below to watch.

In a great rush, the party descended upon the group. Wren made a dash for the boy and his mother, when Nalath and Coral aimed their attacks upon the two Nephilim. Myrrdin and Ezekial distracted the Harpies, while Lady Yazmin picked off that group from a distance. The rescue attempt was a partial success, the mother dying, and several members of the party being pretty badly battered. Or impaled, in Ezekial’s case.

Separated and exhausted, the party took refuge in a cabin of Nalath’s creation. Their rest was cut far too short however, as Grix rose the alarm, calling that a shadow had come and whisked Zyth away in the night. Confusion settled over the group when Zythanimaerius returned with a freshly broken nose, but no memory of what had happened.

It was decided that security measures were in definite need of strengthening, and that rest was no longer an option. And so now, our heroes continue onward on their trek for Glitter, and a way out of this fragmented world.

Chapter 6 - A Disease and a Curse

[Log by Sophia]

Exhausted, battered, and in some cases needing medical attention, the party resumed their journey toward the city of Glitter and a source for answers. Sophia joined the expedition and brought them disturbing news of a village of giants near Amber that had been slaughtered, the bodies feasted on by an entire murder of crows and a holographic Zythanimaerius preaching from atop the pile of corpses. Along with her also came the news of increased worshipping of the Wolf and Crow in surrounding villages.

With such unwelcome news the adventurers hastened their way toward Glitter only to be ambushed while pursuing a fleeing Nephilim through one of the circles. The Ambushers, who were professional, had an elven cast to their features and wore grey and burgundy. They were quickly dispatched although not before several of the party were grievously wounded. Several ambushers were able to escape, however one was retained for questioning.

The expedition decided to turn back in order to recover and gather more forces. When they returned to the city, they discovered that the strange blood disease that Zythanimaerius, Myrrdin, and now Wren were afflicted with had spread. Throughout the city the rioting continued as people were became infected and food remained scarce.

The Princess Fiona brought word to the adventurers that walking The Pattern should break the curse that was upon them. It was decided that those of Amber blood would journey to Rebma to try the Pattern there, while the Chaosites traversed the Logrus in the hopes that it would have a similar effect. The Amberites were able to make it to the Pattern room and cleanse themselves of the curse despite the fact that they were discovered and pursued by Delwin’s forces, and despite one terrifying moment for Zeke before Zythanimaerius informed him that he could breathe the water in Rebma.

The party members are currently making their way toward the designated meeting place where they plan to establish a base of operations and formulate a plan of action.

Chapter 7 - A Change of Scenery
-Log by Wren

We return to our heroes to find them ensuing upon a great trek through shadow, led by Lady Wren. Their goal, a place to establish their Embassy.

The shadow walk brought them through many an interesting place. Along the way, a great stone giant was encountered and, with credit going to Lord Myrrdin, convinced to accompany them on their journey. Other shadows were much less hospitable, however, as burning shards of metal rained heavily down upon the group.

Trumps were tested, and it was decided going just a bit closer to Amber would not have been a bad choice, considering the situation at present. However, the shift came at a cost. And that cost was dragons.

Set upon by three black dragons within a shadow with an Amber ocean, our group scattered. Immediately, Coral disappeared from sight, and around Nalath appeared a great, blazing prism in the darkness. Wren, Yazmin and Myrrdin both sought cover behind nearby boulders as mist began to roil outwards, surrounding the group. Lady Sophia took Alvin and rushed towards the native foilage. And Ezekial took the simple option of running.

It was discovered that the dragon flame devoured magic, thus making life in general for any caster quite miserable. And, it was also discovered that the foilage was mobile, and sentient enough to reach for things unfortunate enough to stumble into it. Lady Sophia cleaved her way free, saving Alvin in the process. And between the magic users, Martin and Myrrdin, one dragon was slain, another deciding that an exit was a better plan.

Ezekial however, was much less fortunate. Trapped in a steam vent, he had heat below, and a dragon maw above. A trump was necessary, and he found himself in the great hall of the ‘true’ Amber, in the company of Delwin, Sand, Mirelle, and a chained Llewella. Despite his best attempts to escape, his plans were thwarted, and he was forced to call upon Zythanimaerias for aid. In exchange for their public promise to not oppose Delwin, Delwin let both men go free.

And we leave our heroes in their newly found, dragon-free shadow, the site of the soon-to-be embassy.

Chapter 8 - Resurrection
Log by Brandon

On an island fortress in a red sea the Counsel of Ironwood was formed. For the first time in history Amberites and Chaosites came together and formed an alliance of sorts. There mission, to foster greater cooperation between Amber and Chaos in the dark times ahead. Roland, Wren and Yasmine took positions for Amber, while Sophia, Gilva and Nalath were chosen for the chaos representatives.

One of the counsels first actions was to travel to chaos with the intention of investigating Merlin’s incarceration by house Jesby. After witnessing a duel in Thelbane that proved High Lord Jenroh of Chanicut had not perished in Amber Nalath, Coral and Wren took the opportunity to cast an investigative spell into the Abyss, which was successful in locating one of the Fragments.

With the use of Coral and Wren’s spells the Counsel willingly entered the Fragments. By chance the spell brought them to a disturbing location. A cairn of next to a crater concealed the remains of Prince Brand of Amber, apparently the crater being where Dierdre and he had landed.

As the council investigated the site, Yasmine got word of the location of King Random of Amber who had been missing for some time. Apparently, Amber that had fallen into the Abyss was mostly fallen to the worshipers of the Crow and the Wolf and Random was being held by an unknown party in a section of the city in danger of being overrun.

Retrieving what gear had been abandoned in Amber, the Council along with Princess Fiona followed Yasmine and her agents into the city. Along the way they were accosted by cultists who in a fit of mass suicide summoned what appeared to be the Wolf of Zythanimarius’ religion. Zyth bravely held the Wolf’s attention as the rest of the rescue force continued on, freeing Random from a warehouse. Random was in poor condition so they returned to the castle.

Zyth fared poorly in his encounter with the Wolf, whom had taken a female form. This confused him and he broke a centuries old oath to not harm women, stabbing the Wolf but to no avail. Zyth fled to Prince Martin of Amber who was aiding in the evacuation of the city to a different fragment. The wolf followed and the encounter ended with both Zyth and Martin losing an eye each, but the Wolf was dispelled before it could slay Zyth.

In Amber, Random was rescued but Fiona confided that the Jewel of Judgement was missing and a mystical search by Nalath was begun with the Logrus. In a sock drawer in Zyth’s chambers the Jewel was found in a cunningly locked box. Ezekiel, who had some experience with this sort of thing picked the lock, returning the jewel to Fiona.

With the city nearly fallen, the Council returned to the entrance they had forged into the abyss via trump to return to Chaos. When the Jewel was brought into proximity of the Cairn it unfortunately triggered a mystical trap. Fiona collapsed to the ground apparently asleep, and all those who did not flee shortly followed. The Jewel, flashing red floated to Brand’s remains, which were mystically re clothed in flesh.

The newly resurrected Prince Brand, returned those who had not fled to the Council of Ironwood, and then disappeared Jewel of Judgement in hand.

Thus ends Volume 1 of Tears of the Lost.

Chapter 1 - The New King
Log by Brandon

Zythanimarius, distraught over breaking his ancient vow created a trump of the Wolf, and activated it. The trump behaved oddly, taking on a life of its own and sending Zyth into a realm of darkness. Seemingly without body he moved through the black appearing within a familiar seeming environment. The temple of the wolf.

Unmoved by his apologies, the wolf threataned Zyth’s life, forcing him to lay down upon an altar. With her claws she tore open his chest, removing a black gem from within. As Zyth writhed in agony she licked his wounds, closing them, and left him upon the altar. When Zyth finally freed himself he fled the temple, taking refuge in a familiar shadow.

Elsewhere in Ironwood, the Council determined to speak with Delwin and gain a measure of the man before declaring their opposition to his reign. Delwin received the council warmly, expressing his respect of the members and declaring his support of the Ironwood project, going so far as to suggest that his sister Sand might visit the council to represent the thrones interest. He further offered the hospitality of Amber which the Council quickly accepted.

Finding Floramelle in residence, Myrrdin and Nalath took the opportunity to meet the woman many claimed to be the most beautiful lady in all the universe. For some time they exchanged gossip upon a balcony sipping Delwin’s finest wines.

In other ares of Amber, lady Wren and and Sophia met Delwin’s son Dashell. As regal as Delwin was, Dashell was exactly the opposite. Clearly unfamiliar with politics his eager manner quickly endeared him to the pair who introduced him to the rest of the council. Ezekiel found him less charming, particularly upon finding that his missing trumps were in Dashell’s possession.

Later that evening in a pub in Amber city, the nobles of Amber and Chaos relaxed. Ezekiel managed to turn the folk music of the establishment into something approaching Rock and Roll. As drinks flowed freely everyone took a well earned rest.

And then Prince Brand arrived, with a customary lack of explanation dove into portents of doom and destruction. The Eye of Torment had been removed from Zyth, where it apparently had been being stored and the Wolf was on the move in chaos. According to Brand if something wasn’t done shortly, the houses of chaos would fall. Something needed to be done to stabilize the situation, but before he could explain his plan he became panicked, tossing his pattern blade Werewindle to Sophia and disappearing, leaving a flash of rainbow colors behind.

Concerned with this news, the Council returned to Ironwood with Dashell, intent on staving off disaster by rescuing Merlin from Jesby thus eliminating there hold on Prince Corwin of Amber. Roland and the Council were also convinced that perhaps Delwin was not too terrible a choice to currently reign in Amber. Especially with a son so uninterested in politics…

Chapter 2 - The Great Spire
log by Brandon

The situation in Chaos was continuing to devolve so our heroes bravely decided to infiltrate the Ways of Jesby in an attempt to rescue Merlin so that Corwin would not be forced to support house Jesby’s attempt to capture the Logrus.

The expedition consisted of Ezekiel, Nalath, Wren, Zyth, Sophia, Yasmine, Coral and Dashell. The first attempt to shadow walk into the ways ended in a shadow of destiny set up as a trap by Corwin. Through the quick use of sorcery and shadow walking the adventurers escaped the trap and reassessed. They traveled to the Great Spire that was the physical representation of the Ways of Jesby upon the edge of Abyss. While ascending the thin spiral stairs, Yasmine located a secret entrance.

After passing by several traps with relative safety (Ezekiel’s back received deep slashes after looking through a trapped peep hole), Yasmine became overconfident and after avoiding an apparently simple trap was nearly killed by slashing blades and a deep pit leading to white flames.

The tunnel eventually lead out into the Ways of Jesby. Ezehkiel began behaving strangely, his wounds apparently poisoned with some sort of hallucinogen. Nalath wrapped him in sorcerous chains and headed off, quickly joined by the rest of the group with the exception of Zyth who was unwilling to abandon Ezekiel to his fate.

Zyth and Ezekiel were both identified as invaders by the mystical protections of the ways, and were chased by both mundane soldiers and explosive orbs of sorcery. Zyth used the pattern to eliminate the alarm, however Ezekiel was unable to do so. In a wolf guarded garden Ezekiel narrowly avoided the orbs until finally being trapped and fleeing via trump to Ironwood.

Zyth thinking that Ezekiel had perished grew quite angry and headed off into the Ways, presumably to assist with the rescue of Merlin. He encountered a mysterious sorcerer claiming to be from a place known as Nethermore who attempted to slay Zyth with dark powers. Through unexplained mystic means Zyth combated the dark powers and was victorious.

As this was happening the rest of the expedition headed deeper into the ways, using a mystic sonar to attempt to locate Merlin. There was a tension fraught encounter with Corwin, who recognized Werewindle after Sophia bumped into him in the hall. After learning they were attempting to rescue Merlin, Corwin who was apparently under some sort of surveillance allowed Wren to stab him and the expedition to escape.

Heading into a warren of cave like tunnels Coral and Wren’s spell lead them to a spherical chamber with a metallic orb in the center. Gravity behaved oddly, allowing the entire chambers floor which was riddled in tunnels to be traversed. As odd Scorpions began to come out of the passages Sophia tossed Yasmine onto the black metal orb, and then through a spell by Wren and Coral the rest of the group floated upwards.

Through great bravery and some stupidity Merlin was rescued from the inside of the orb, the scorpions were evaded and the expedition returned home to Ironwood.


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